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'Fossil Fuel Lobbyist (Concept Album)' is a pilot project funded by the University of Melbourne's Creative Grant. It's a collaboration piece with Kathleen Lawson, Ethel Rojas and Anindya Dwi Wulandari (all students from Univerisity) and Marissa Holder​ (a good friend from New Zealand).  


The project is inspired by the United Nation's Climate Talk in 2019 (known as the COP25). The aim is to expose how Fossil Fuel Lobbyists have been influencing the climate talks through lobbying and sponsoring millions of dollars to the event.


This pilot project consists of 3 songs:

1. 'COP 25- the Worst Summit Ever' as a brief summary of the Conference 

2'You Need Money' by a Fossil Fuel Lobbyist (Featuring Kathleen Lawson)

3. 'Stop the Presence of The Fossil Fuel' by the Climate Strikers (Featuring Marissa Holder)

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