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"Unity over fear"

Composed by Jun Bin Lee & Fiona Chua

In response to the growing Anti-Asian incidents across the globe, this piece advocate for unity over fear


Composed & directed by Jun Bin Lee 

featuring sarah yu (choreographer & dancer)

commissioned by ames australia & white ribbon

highlighting the struggle to report or reaching out for help by many victim survivors of domestic violence within the migrant community in australia.

"What comes next"

Written, COmposed & Animated by 

Jun Bin Lee

Highlighting the plight of refugees to australia, and the appalling treatment by the Australian government.


"plastic fish"

Animated by Jun Bin Lee

commissioned by awareaway (previously known as colourful collective)

Developed as part of Awareaway's educational campaign to stop plastic waste.


"Gambling Harm - A story for the Afghan Community"

Filmed & composed by Jun Bin Lee

commissioned by south east community links


developed together with Members from the Afghan community to raise awareness about  the impacts of gambling-related harm and where to seek confidential supports.


"Pour Elle"

Written by Bon Virata

Composed & directed by Jun Bin Lee


A poetic depiction of the journey of a French Migrant to New Zealand


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