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Date: December 2019

Role: Writer, Director, Co-composer (with Eleanore Chen)

My very first children show in collaboration with Eleanore Chen and her band, Sunrise Ensemble in Taichung, Taiwan.

The musical is inspired by a famous Taiwanese folk song- '天黑黑', which tells the story of a Grandma and Grandpa who quarrel over how they should cook a fish (salty or less salty). It features a narrator, supported by live band, animation, and acting from the talented musicians (Pipa player plays the role of Grandma while guitarist plays the role of Grandpa).


Throughout the show, we pay homage to many other popular Taiwanese children songs (台灣童謠), including '丟丟銅仔','虹彩妹妹','農村曲','抓泥鰍',etc. We see the show as an opportunity to re-introduce such priceless and memorable children songs to the new generations. 

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