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Ai The Musical 

Date: 2013 (Workshop) & 2015 (Development season)

Roles: Composer, Co-Writer & Co-Director (with Kohei Iguchi, who's also the main actor and choreographer)

Auckland Fringe Festival 2013

Award: Second Runner up for "People Choice Award"


The show was first conceived in 2013 as part of Auckland Fringe Festival. "Ai" means love in mandarin. So basically It tells a love story in musical format that is loosely based on my own- from meeting a girl at university, to going through long distance relationship after graduation. It fulfilled my dream of always wanting to write a cheesy musical about Asian love story (ultra cheesy like in those taiwanese or korean dramas).  I thought it would be good platform for Asian casts to participate in musicals too. In this project, we combined Asian pop genre (i.e. mando-pop, K-pop, etc) and lyrical Hip Hop dance genre with a traditional broadway musical show.

"Jun knows how to write simple pop and love songs. His Asian style pop compositions are pleasing to listen to and Jun even finds a way to inject some ‘traditional' musical theatre components, much like the Disney musical movies made for teens over the last decade."



Skykiwi (NZ Chinese media)

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