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Hello! I am a composer, theatre and filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from Malaysia, I migrated to New Zealand in 2003, and founded Performing Arts Workshop (now known as Ai Studio) in 2009, which has produced a number of original musicals within the Asian migrant community in Auckland, New Zealand. I moved to Melbourne in 2017, and is actively looking for collaboration opportunities with local creatives. 

Here are the list of musicals that I've either written, directed, composed, or collaborated with other amazing creatives:


 2009-2011: Brighter Future Musicals

          2012: How She Flew To The Moon

          2013: Ai Musical (Workshop)@ Auckland Fringe Festival 2013

                    The Adventure of Kazu and Kengo@ Short and Sweet Festival NZ 2013*

          2014: Karaoke Heaven@ Short and Sweet Festival NZ 2014*

                    The Tour@ Rotorua’s Creation Festival 2014*

          2015: Ai Musical (Development Season)

          2016: Dominion Road the Musical (Workshop)

          2017: Prodigal Son the Musical@ Auckland Fringe Festival 2017

                    Dominion Road the Musical (Development Season)

                    Pipa Xing@ Taipei Fringe Festival 2017

          2019: Dominion Road The Musical_Remix

                    A Fundamentally Flawed Love Story@ Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019

                    'Tian Hei Hei' Kids Music Show (Taichung, Taiwan)


*Awarded "People Choice Award"


2013 & 2015




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