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A Fundamentally Flawed Love Story

Date: September 2019 (Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019)

Role: Writer, Composer & Co-Director (with Sarah Yu)


"A fundamentally flawed love story" is an original musical theatre piece that tells the love story of a migrant couple, from initial romance to eventual domestic violence. The piece aims to focus on the prevention of gendered violence by highlighting the ‘red flags’ that lead to an abusive relationship.

The musical is produced by Break Boundaries, a non-profit organisation that I co-founded, which aims to raise awareness about prevention of gendered violence within the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) community. This is my first production in Melbourne and has given me the privilege to work with amazing artists including Wahyu Kapa, Amy Baranowski, Vedina Grace, Varsha Ramesh (dance choreographer) & Sarah Yu (dance choreographer & co-director). 

Song "Rather Shed Blood Than Tears" featuring Wahyu Kapa & Vedina Grace

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