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Hello! My name is Lee Jun Bin (李俊彬).

I am a composer, animator, theatre and film maker.

I am also an environmental engineer, refugee advocate, community development and humanitarian aid contributor.

Create Artworks that Matter

My motto is to 'Create Artworks That Matter'. More specifically, to create artworks that amplify the voices of the more disadvantaged or vulnerable groups, to examine and unpack social challenges like family violence, gender inequity, racism, and many more within the culturally and diverse community.

More important, I am not alone. I am blessed to always have access to experienced advocates, academic researchers, practitioners and community leaders who generously share, participate or contribute to the collaborative creative process.


I grew up in Klang, Malaysia, and migrated to Labuan (an island located in East Malaysia) at 4 years old. Love the island and beach vibe. I then migrated to Auckland, New Zealand at 18 and spent a decade there, where I learnt to write musicals and gather a bunch of Asian creatives to put on epic Musicals. In 2017 I moved to Melbourne because apparently it's the world's most liveable city.

Let's Work Together

If you have any ideas you would like to share, whether it is through a musical or short animation, let's chat

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